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To keep pace with today's need for light speed valuation decisions, a new tool has been developed to assist the lending industry into making faster and more informed valuation decisions. Troubled properties including REOs and Short Sales, and pre-foreclosures are good candidates for review.

The Reconciliation process involves having a certified/licensed appraiser examine supplied  BPOs or Appraisals, plus market analytical models specific to the subject property's zip code.  Then a written analysis is prepared by blending the reports and analytics into a supportable end value decision making report.  It is not an appraisal or appraisal review.  These reconciliations can be performed quickly, usually 24-48 hours.

One of the leading companies that I recommend is, Clear Capital, which has stepped up and designed  accurate and reliable reconciliation products for institutional REO and foreclosure property portfolios, marketing purposes, and value based decisions.

I have gained great experience performing thousands of various desktop reconciliations as part of my expanding services covering all 50 states and PR.  My highest level of geographic competence lies in South Florida for over 40 years.



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